Glass Photo Cabochons

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I’m Kolleen Handel, and I’ve been designing jewelry for 40 years!  I’ve done everything from silversmith work to beading and wire wrapping. I love making glass photo cabochons and have a secret method that makes them brighter, clearer and more brilliant then any you’ve ever seen.

If you’re looking for a particular design in Glass Photo Cabochons, contact me and I just might have what you’re looking for or you can send me your own photo or graphic.

This website is a work in progress, so stop back soon and see what’s new!

Made-to-order Glass Photo Cabochons and Glass Eyes

~ for jewelry making, doll making, plush toys and other craft projects.

Buy Glass Photo CabochoneNobody makes photo cabochons the way I do – crystal clear and they will last!

What makes Manic Bling Cabochons Different?

  • Each Cabochon is handmade with care in the USA.
  • My cabochons are waterproof and you can use any adhesive on them.
  • The photo will not break away from the image over time. They are permanently sealed.
  • I do not use Diamond Glaze or a laser printer (laser printers are not as clear and show dots)
  • I use optical quality tempered glass cabochons which are virtually unbreakable (maybe if you hit it with a hammer) and scratch resistant.
  • I use a secret crystal clear adhesive that will not separate from the photo.
  • I offer a money back guarantee on my cabochons.
I only sell top quality cabochons and most of the designs are my own graphic creations.
It takes an average of three cabochons to get a perfect one. The larger the cab, the more tries it takes. With the method I use, once the photo is adhered to the glass, it cannot be re-used.

I have hundreds of designs and can make custom designs.